The Sparkling Chameleon Fur Wrap

This is a variant of the Adafruit Chameleon Scarf that I recently made. I made the color fade and randomly twinkle rather than stay on all the time. I also added a button… Continue reading

AtTiny 85 Line following robot code exsample

This is a line following robot based on the AtTiny85. This should help in writing the code for the Hack-E-Bot.


ArduDroid Using a Bluetooth serial module to send and receive data between an Android device and an Arduino.

LED Matrix Pendant

I made a pendant for my girlfriend as a Halloween present. The animation was changed to an eye that blinks and looks around. I really wanted it not to just loop the same… Continue reading

NWC Robot Fair 2014

One of the primary goals of the NWC Robot Fair will be to spark an interest in engineering and programming by showing the diversity of robotics and provide hands on activities with robotics.… Continue reading

New budget robot is working.

After working on many designs I have come up with this little guy:   I’ve managed to get the parts list price down to just under $30 (not including the 4 AA batteries… Continue reading

Basic Robot design.

These are the electronic components necessary to build a basic robot for children that uses two vibration motors to move forward, left, and right. Two digital pins are used to control the vibration… Continue reading

Crazy Google door.

The Secret Door is presented by Safestyle UK

This reminds me of the first LED pulse circuit I ever made.


Wow this will come in handy when I get around to configuring the Imp to send I2C commands to the Adafruit 8×8 LED matrix backpack. Hopefully I can map the LED addresses easily so I can make… Continue reading