Richard and Emily’s Halloween Photos


We had a few photos taken at Gasworks park to show off some of the new wearable LED projects I have been working on. This is basically what we will be wearing out for Halloween on Friday.

Rich-Emily_Gasworks_Halloween-01 copy

Emily is in a radioactive latex dress that she made a few years ago and she is using the color changing LEDĀ chameleonĀ fur wrap to keep warm.

I am wearing my radioactive latex top with a radiation corset that was made a few years ago. I got the EL Wire to light up again and it is sound activated so it looks good at any party. The LED Cyber gas mask is new and uses 20 NeoPixels and an Adafruit Trinket.

The gas mask was upgraded recently to add a mode button. When the button is pushed, the LEDs will change colors. This has been tested and will last up to 7 hours on a single charge.


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