AtTiny 85 Line following robot code exsample

This is a line following robot based on the AtTiny85. This should help in writing the code for the Hack-E-Bot.

ATTiny Line Follower

LED Matrix Pendant

I made a pendant for my girlfriend as a Halloween present. The animation was changed to an eye that blinks and looks around. I really wanted it not to just loop the same animation so I set out to create a few animations for the pendant to cycle through at random including a few longer blackout periods. I am still rather new to the coding side of this and didn’t understand some of the code, but here is the version I have working as of now.

If anyone want’s to help me streamline this a bit, it would be appreciated. I’ll post photos of the pendant later and maybe come up with a 3D printed enclosure or something.




I didn’t have a project box that small so I just cut up the Adafruit box and hot glue gunned it up. I had some window tinting laying around to darken the unlit LEDs. The frame and other stuff was just in my junk bins.

This is using a lithium Ion battery attached to a charging board. The switch on the side lets you turn it on or off and the button is attached to the reset on the Trinket. I made sure to cut a slot so I can access the mini USB on the Trinket to reprogram it.