Storm Cloud Server

The Storm Cloud Server is a stand alone WiFi server using a Raspberry Pi. The goal of this device is to provide a portable and self sustaining wireless LAN that can be used to share content among devices within range.

This device will not connect to the internet or WWW, but will provide a network option in places that do not have network coverage or where a private network is needed.

Hardware goals:
Raspberry Pi model A or B with installed web server and UI for http access to allow upload and download through mobile web browsers.
Rechargeable battery to power the device.
Ability to charge the device multiple ways including solar and manual charging.
Utilize a low power desplay to show information about battery status, ip address, WiFi connection QR code. This would most likely be an E-ink display that refreshes every 30min.

Potential usage:
Map server for remote locations.

The Storm Cloud would host an open-source map server, like Google Maps, and serve map data to any device connected to the Storm Cloud. Tablets and smart phones have GPS to get the location and will pull the map images from the Storm Cloud as needed.

Media sharing device.
Many users could connect and upload photos to the device while another device or screen displays the content as it is being uploaded. This setup would be fun at an event to encourage people to take and share photos.

Collaborative work share.
This device could be taken to a meeting where everyone uploads files required for a project. This puts it all on one device without having to deal with installing applications or configuration of a network.

Self Powered server.
Should power ever go out or you are in a remote location, this device could provide access to intimation about what to do. It could provide a connection hub for smartphones that otherwise will not communicate but can easily be charged. Though this device will be designed to operate without a monitor attached, one could be built in and not powered untill needed.


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